Part 2. We can all be perfect, that’s a fact

Perfection is a limit created by humans on the way to find answers to their questions. It is the highest form of anything good in life and the reason why we sometimes feel that we are lacking something. We tell ourselves there’s always someone who can do better, that there must be some greater power guarding all the answers. Focusing on our flaws too often, takes us on a constant quest for satisfaction and approval, resulting in comparing ourselves to others and comparing others to others. Ideas like flaws, comparing and perfection influence our lives and are the basis of the mechanisms pushing us to spend the time surviving instead of living. 

During my Journalism & media studies in Syria, I learned that media is often referred to as the fourth authority after the legislative, executive and judicial powers.  Being a journalist requires being observant of your environment. This works best if you posses three skills; being calm, analyzing and connecting your findings to another experience. Soon after my arrival in Amsterdam, I started studying Dutch language, in the meantime I had to learn English as well. I came in contact with people from cultures very different from the environment which I was raised in. I had always been curious about others’ experiences and cultures, finally living in the Dutch capital allowed me to meet people from all over the world. Between locals and tourists, I learned a lot about (sub)cultures and lifestyles from all over the world. Because I didn’t understand much in the beginning, I started learning from people by listening. 

Being a refugee showed me that people are more open minded and friendly when they feel that they are in better position. They didn’t feel the need to compare themselves to me which was helpful in the process of learning English. However, trying to understand the perfection I noticed that they did compare themselves to others. I started doing the same by analyzing and comparing, instead of analyzing and connecting. That’s what made me realize how the mechanism of perfection works. After I found that I was losing myself by comparing I felt like I was lacking something and I didn’t even know what! 

I had to go back to my time as journalist and as I stopped comparing to start connecting, I found that cultures are more similar than I taught. Listening to people’s stories from all over the world made me understand why and how we tend to forget who we are. The judgment from people in our own environment makes us feel scared to open up to others. We always think that our cultures are different and we fear the unknown. We forgot how to live, we are surviving within our own limits and boundaries of perfection. The social systems we created make us feel confused about ourselves and our passions in life, to keep us hungry always. When I understood that we are the ones who made the concept of perfection, I was able to learn more about myself and everything around me. I always thought that being calm, analyzing and connecting was a special skill but I found out that all human beings have them, but most of us forgot how to use them to reach their goals. 

We are all looking for perfection, but the truth is that we can only find it within ourselves. Analyzing the mechanism of perfection can help us understand and connect with our divine energy and rem we are born to be Gods and Goddesses. We can all be perfect, that’s fact. Even if we need a system to organize our lives, we deserve to understand who we are and what we are capable of. We can all be successful, but the feeling that we are lacking something makes us anxious. Comparing our lives to others’ drags us further away from perfection than ever. Trying to use other’s experiences to improve our life, made us forgot who we are. We are looking to find ourselves, but are being held back by the system we made. This system requires us to be copies, that’s why we keep looking for perfection. The social system we built can cause stress and fear, making us machines that do without too much thinking.

Since the ancient era humans created three mechanisms on the way to making the circle of perfection, and built the systems: God (judgment), Religion(systems) and Giving. These mechanisms replace being calm, analyzing and connecting. Understanding the effect of the three concepts on our life, is an aid to remember what our divine energy is and what our skills are as a Gods and Goddess.

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