The Millennial Witches of Instagram

There seems to be a growing interest in mysticism, astrology, crystals, and tarot cards amongst Millennials (and Gen-Z). Modern witches bring their knowledge right into your Instagram feed nowadays.

Spirituality has taken its place in mainstream social culture. Themes such as mindfulness and manifestation gained popularity through the wellness sector, but witchcraft didn’t stay behind. The hashtag #Witch is used for over 6 million pictures on the social media platform. A modern-day witch shares; inspiration, tips, pretty imagery of altars, rituals and hex attributes. The social platform offers new possibilities for witches to spread the word and sometimes even make a living as a Witch influencer.

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  2. The Craft of the Wise Plant medicine, Crystal Healing 🔮Shaman
  3. LightWitch Practical magic in an impractical time

Witchcraft and Chill

The rise in popularity of Witchcraft is not only on social media but also in popular culture. From Sabrina the teenage witch who is a lot darker in the new series based on the comic, the Charmed sisters battling enemies or the helpful and healing Cassie Nightingale in The Good Witch. The revival of Witchcraft in pop culture is a fact with the announcement of a remake of the classic cult movie ‘The Craft’. So, what is the reason for this recent increase in popularity of witchcraft amongst millennials?

The Craft 1996

Decline in religion, increase in Spirituality / Occult beliefs

There is a decline in religion, but not in faith. Religious Studies Professor Matthew Hedstrom says “There are a growing number of religiously unaffiliated millennials who still report believing in God, and even praying regularly, and many of these call themselves “spiritual but not religious. The millennial approach to spirituality seems to be about choosing and consuming different “religious products” – meditation, or prayer, or yoga, or a belief in heaven – rather than belonging to an organized congregation”. He believes this decline in religious affiliation is directly related to the influence of consumer capitalism. Spirituality allows millennials to avoid choosing one religion and instead combine elements from many.”

Do Mainstream religions need to be more flexible and open minded to avoid losing their following?

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