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Part 3. How fear of punishment replaced being calm

Growing up in a religious environment where God was a social construct of punishment, I learnt that people are always in a hurry. Rushing through the day to do as much good deeds as possible to protect their soul from hell and ensure their place in paradise. The judgment didn’t actually come from God of course, but from people’s opinions about one another. Everyone seems to have a different opinion, on what is right and what is wrong, which makes it difficult to feel calm and find your own way. I thought this would be different in other parts of the world where there are no restraints of “God’s judgement” to hold me back. 

Always in a hurry

When I moved to the Netherlands where the pace of daily life is even faster, I felt that everyone was in a hurry here too. It made me feel stressed, I felt like I was in a hurry, every second of the day until I went to bed. Rushing to a meeting with a friend I overheard a conversation in the elevator, two men were talking and the one asked the other if he believed in God. The man’s answer was short but powerful, “I am god” he said. Observing people can give us answers we didn’t even know we were looking for. I wanted to start living as a God, but the idea I had about God from my Islamic background wasn’t sufficient to what I suddenly realized I was looking for. I had to take a step back to my childhood and learn about God in way to understand how to manifest my own divine energy. 

The idea of gods has accompanied people throughout history, there has been a consensus about the sanctity of his power and that he is capable of doing everything.

God was created as a social construct of punishment to make sure we obey and feel afraid to think calmly and outside of the box. Being calm is the secret of perfection, our fear and our stress let us miss the details. We always repeat: “I know and I understand” meanwhile we forget to learn. We build on experiences of others, thinking about their judgement, because we are afraid and always rushing.

Free of judgement

I always asked myself, why people are more open minded and friendly when traveling. Later I learned that doing what we choose gives the ability to find out more about our purpose in life. Traveling gives us a sense of freedom which is why we feel closer to ourselves and to the others. “Life is short so enjoy every moment.” is a phrase that provides a good example, of the social construct of punishment and how our fear of it stops us from being calm. We try to have as much fun as possible in the shortest period of time, but this only results in more pressure not to miss out on anything. Instead we could use our time to learn how to enjoy being ourselves without looking for perfection.

When we travel we like exploring new places and cultures. Being out of our own environment makes us feel happy with our own unique experience, because we are free and not afraid of the judgment. Learning out of the box is food for our minds. To enjoy every moment, we should learn every moment, because by learning, we feel calm and that brings us closer to our divine energy within. When we return from traveling we still feel that buzz for a while, but soon enough we fall back into our same old (sometimes boring) routine.

God, energy, the power of the universe

During my first years in Amsterdam I exchanged a lot of information with people from different cultures. I talked to people from all over the world about God and their opinion and feelings about the topic. All gods have similarities, but with various views on the form and name of the almighty power(s). The god is very flexible, and he changes according to the circumstances. However, the result is the same, passing time looking for some kind of perfection outside of ourselves. To stay satisfied with our achievements we limit our thinking to what we believe is possible. The ‘impossible’ must always involve some sort of a higher power; God, energy, the power of the universe.

The power of our thoughts 

The power of our thoughts is much greater than what we use it for on a daily basis. If we don’t try to reach our full potential we feel tired. The systems we created supported the idea of doing without thinking, this includes comparing to friends, colleagues, family members and even celebrities or Instagram influencers. Pride, praise and approval are enough for us to accept that we will keep comparing ourselves to others as we keep going in circles while looking for perfection. 

By the time we can only see the glass as half empty, we have forgotten that it’s a metaphor for our life. We are the ones who choose what we want to pour in our glass and if we want to make it full or not. 

Being calm makes us able to have the power of a creator, or like some would say a god. When we are in a calm state we understand our strength, but we need to remember how to use it. We already know, but because we keep trying to build on experiences of others we easily forget. When we give up on plans and call them dreams we accept to follow, and become another ‘copy’. When we start observing and analyzing we reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. 

Divine Energy

The process of reaching God’s power takes going through stages; human, leader, messenger, king, God then perfection. Being calm helps us on our way to analyze as God, instead of comparing as a human. Because we are always in hurry, being calm is the first skill we tend to forget.

In order to remember how to be calm we need to let go of all forms of judgment. By analyzing our own life experiences, we can figure out how we lost our divine energy and more importantly how to get it back.

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