Israa Al Ghrayeb’s death, sparked protest against honour killings

The murder of a young Palestinian woman named Israa Al-Ghrayeb went viral on social media last week. Someone posted a horrifying video where Israa’s is heard screaming from top of her lungs. She was hospitalized at that point due to a broken back caused by a beating from her brothers. Other family members are also suspected to be involved in the murder. Al-Ghrayeb reportedly posted a picture with her fiancé, after which she was attacked. Protesters went out on the streets for demanding justice for this brutal “honour killing”.

Israa Al Ghrayeb
Israa Al Ghrayeb in the hospital after the first attack

The first attack at home

Al Ghrayeb was a 21 year old make up artist working and living in Bethlehem. Israa reportedly posted a picture or video together with her fiancé. Her brother Ihab, a Canadian resident who claimed his sister showing herself with a man before the official wedding ceremony “stained the family honour”.  

She was attacked by multiple male family members at her home and reportedly had fallen out of a bedroom window. After being hospitalized with a broken back following the initial attack she was beaten at the hospital while someone recorded her screams.

Ghrayeb posted that she would not be able to work for the next two months as she was going to have surgery soon.  She said:  “I’m strong and I have the will to live – if I didn’t have this willpower, I would have died yesterday. Don’t send me messages telling me to be strong, I am strong. May god be the judge of those who oppressed me and hurt me.”

Israa al Ghrayeb Palestine
Protests for justice for honour killings spared by the murder on Israa Al Ghrayeb

News of Israa’s death was shared on social media with users calling for justice to be served against the killers, but also demanding more protection for women. On social platforms the hashtags #honorkilling”, #weareallIsraa and #IsraaGhrayeb are used in Arabic and English. On Thursday women protested on the streets in the West Bank, demanding justice Israa and all women who are being abused and murdered for dishonouring their family.  


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