The perfection is you: Jesus’ shame: How to analyze on human level?.

Reaching the energy of God starts from our given human level. Because we are focused on fixing our flaws to reach the perfection we miss the details of our divine energy.

Human beings are Gods and Goddesses since birth. The titles we gave to each other are nothing but self imposed barriers to reach our divine energy. When we are born we are the same, the only difference is the environment. If we keep looking for perfection without learning we even lose the name as human. We are looking for the differences between each other to compare ourselves to see who is “the best”. We let go of the knowledge that we are all the best, we are all Gods and Goddesses.

Our cultures, languages and lifestyles are just systems we created to protect our achievements. To analyze as human being means we have to accept that we are masters regardless of our situation: rich, poor, smart or strong. Dwelling on the future which made us afraid of death, trying to get the same what the others got before it’s too late. We accepted to grow within limit we call: human being. 

we are all Gods and Goddesses.

Understanding the meaning of our divine energy starts with analyzing what we think we achieved. We are in hurry to analyze our own experience because it’s always easier to understand from other’s experiences from a distance. That’s one of the reasons we enjoy watching, reading and copying the wisdom from the other’s words and lives, instead of thinking about our own. 

The modern day perfection

After the digital revolution started, religion seems to have become more of a non-plausible theory over anything. The punishment of “God” lost its power after an era of people being controlled by religious teachers who dictate values and limit knowledge.

More and more people won’t think about God as punishment and even less about reaching his ‘heaven’. Instead they think about reaching the perfection during life. Looking for more perfection without learning about divine energy creates an unstoppable hunger for more. Thinking about materialistic things erases our souls’ immortality.

We are jealous of anyone who we feel can do better
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We are jealous of anyone who we believe to be “better”, and that’s why we love to judge, it keeps us feeling satisfied. We know that we have the same abilities, but talking and judging others easier and better than exposing ourselves for others to judge us. 

Religious systems

Religious Teachers Venerini - Venerini Academy
Religious Teachers Venerini – Venerini Academy

In religious systems our divine energy feels somewhat comfortable, by trying to learn a little bit about the divine, but it’s not focused on ourselves rather on sanctifying others.

The greedy ways we were taught by the religious teachers, and the holy positions they put themselves in led to years of fighting for our freedom, trying o find a way out of their systems. Our experience about all the wars, slavery and the judgment we had made us rebel against any knowledge from that time.

So, we focus on materialism and consuming as much as we can. We feel comfort by trying to enjoy into the limit of our lives. Between both of them we spend our time trying not to think.

The goal of the idea of religion was from the beginning to control our unconscious mind, the goal of the martial systems was to control the conscious part of it. We still developing our precociousness trying to understand more about (the purpose of) our lives. 

During our evolution human beings have come a long way. We are close to saying that human beings are leaders of the world, living in our own bubble of perfection. During our history there have been plenty of people who understood the purpose of their lives. Eventough we use some of them as examples to live by, only few of us are using our divine energy to manifest the world we want to live in.

Philosophers, messengers, gods

Philosophers, messengers, gods

To understand our divine we don’t need the experience of religion, but we can learn from the experience of the humans who could reach the rank of God. We called them Philosophers, Messengers or even Gods. By analyzing their lives without any holiness, we can learn how to reach the rank of Gods and Goddesses without losing any of our achievement, freedom or even perfection.

Jesus’ shame

The stage of analyzing as a human being, start from our believe that God and human share the same meaning. the only difference is the power, which everyone can reach. Looking back on Jesus’ life we can see how the power is not important in the process. To be born in a religious environment without father, means being born in shame. Jesus wasn’t able to affect anyone in the beginning of his life. He couldn’t even feel as a human being as his opinion didn’t matter. The judgment from the religious society chased Jesus away from them.


The stories told about Jesus attributed a lot of meaning to his legacy. Jesus was a sheep herder, an important part of the story. The perfection sure wasn’t what it has become, but Jesus wasn’t looking for any perfection. He preferred to be surrounded by animals, among them he didn’t feel judged, they don’t know any perfection. It adds to his humbleness that is said to be the example we should take.

Analyze as a human being

Observing other’s lives without comparing can make us understand more about our own purpose and our divine energy. We are going to die anyway with or without our achieved perfection. It took Jesus 30 years before Jesus started analyzing his experience, then he found out his divine energy as a God. He understood that us humans beings are Gods and Goddesses, and that we are not lacking anything. Because of the religious system he grew up in, he couldn’t say that directly, so he said that we are all sons of God. He tried to make it easier to us to understand our divine energy. His way to reach the rank of God is by connecting to our own experience, and not as a system or religion to control our lives. Which is a more important lesson than having the humbleness of a sheep herder.

divine energy

Why religion and other systems don’t want us to learn about our divine energy

The first gift Jesus received when he could feel his divine energy is to love his choices and goals. Analyzing made him no longer sanctify what was never his choices. He stopped sanctifying and following others, and began sanctifying himself. He sanctified his thoughts and his choices. All he learnt came back to him, like before all the beliefs and concepts that made his life over complicated. The free spirit and the curiosity he remembered from childhood prompted him to analyze again everything around. Everything was new for him. The concept and habits that restricted him no longer make sense.

Jesus, the sheepherder, the (son of) God

He began to live instead of exist and survive. His mind was calm and by analyzing he could reach the freedom of creativity that goes beyond the rules of sanctification. The same rules he didn’t dare to doubt before. Here is where his difficult journey started. the community didn’t accept his calm energy and mindset of analyzing, He felt that he was different… But he had faith to say: I am human, I am a God.


Faith made him feel the power that he deserved. The freedom of choice and speech is his most valuable possession in the storm of criticism of society. The energy of being calm, the power of analyzing made Jesus understand that supporting his faith required his divine energy to grow to the levels of God.

Jesus couldn’t accept that the end justifies the means. For him returning to a human level was out of the question after reaching the rank of god. He wanted people to feel free from religion and punishment, and that’s what religous teachers didn’t like. Jesus chose to be immortal instead of growing within a human beings limit. He treated us for what we are. He couldn’t accept the others to sacrifice for his faith, because he understood about our next evolution. It made him certain that it’s not necessary to go through all of the human stages to reach the rank of God.


Jesus kept learning in his position as human, but as God he couldn’t take the responsibility of protecting his faith. That’s why he chose to sacrifice himself. We sanctify anyone who did what we think we cannot do. We are able to believe that Jesus is a God, and we are just followers.

Who do we choose to be?

The idea of Jesus’ life is not to rebel in our own systems or forget our achievements. It’s helpful to remember that we don’t need perfection or religion to be ourselves, we don’t need to be afraid of death because our next evolution is to be Gods and Goddesses. As humans we deserve to know what our divine energy is. We should stop sanctifying our history, and start thinking about it as experiences. We need to understand our history is leading us to figure out how to grow and learn.

To take the responsibility of protecting our faith in who we want to be, we should understand who we are and where our choices in life will bring us. We don’t need to control others, our mission is to control our divine energy by controlling ourselves.

However, the question remains, do we need to sacrifice ourselves to reach the rank of God?


Jesus’ shame of being born without father made him aware of his flaws. When Jesus found that he wasn’t not lacking anything, and that the judgment from the society is what made his life overcomplicated he started to share his knowledge and opinion. The society responded to him by playing on what they define as flaws. Jesus was certain about his faith and thats why he answers that he is the son of God and we are all sons of God.

The way of Jesus, isn’t the only way to reach God. It dosen’t matter what we have or where we born, beacuse to be a copy, scrafice or God are the choices that life offers everyone. Our believe that the only condition is to decide who we want to be. When we process that, we can grow from analyzing as a human being to analyzing as a leader.

How do we analyze as a Leader?

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