10 tips to convince your manager to increase your salary

Ask for more salary

We all want to earn some more money, but how do we turn this personal need into a benefit? How do you share our vision with your manager, showing that you deserve the increase you’re asking for? And more important how do you ask?

Many difficult questions make most of us a bit anxious to discuss the possibility of raising ones salary. Here are ten tips to convince your manager of your entitlement to increase your salary.

1. Show your interest to grow

The best way to request a salary increase from your manager in the eyes of Daniel Harlan – the founder and CEO of the Center for Leadership Support and Human Capability, – is to share your goals and aspirations. If you have been in your current position for more than six months, you can open a discussion about it.

Start by ensuring that your priority is to excel in your current job, that you set long-term goals, want to make sure that you do everything you can to succeed in your field. Ask him for his recommendations and tips for you in the way you improve your tasks, and apply the feedback. So be on the right track when it’s time for your review.

2. Be creative and show what you can do

If you are looking get a promotion, it is more difficult, now you have to distinguish between the job you are already doing and the job you are seeking.

To get to the position you want, first ask you to be assigned more tasks and responsibilities in your current position, then start solving the problems that you will soon work on by yourself. The only way to do this effectively is by managing your time, setting your priorities and aligning them.

3. Exceed the expectations of your manager

Do not think you will get a higher salary because you are diligent and loyal in the work, and perform the tasks of your colleagues on their holidays, there are those who raise their salary without asking for it in the first place, but they know how.

The most important thing to do is to continuously exceed expectations and create tasks beyond the job responsibility, while providing permanent feedback to the manager. Show your value.

Ask for more salary

4. Don’t be needy

When asking for a salary increase, focus on why you deserve it, not why you need it. Before you persuade your manager to pay more, be convinced that you deserve the increase.

The best approach to showing entitlement is to focus on one action. You can share what you have achieved in recent months. And never think about arguing about the rising cost of living, with school fees, a car, or moving to a new apartment near the workplace, because when your manager pays you more money, he wants you to earn that.

5. Shake the game to the end

One month before you open the discussion, try to approach your manager to understand his personality, whether by dealing with you or your colleagues, to be prepared to deal with him under the pressure of strange and unexpected questions.

You also need to be prepared for any question you can ask, such as, “Why do you see yourself as worthy of an increase?”, “Why do you feel that your salary is not enough?”, Or “Why did you make a certain mistake months ago?”.

Then think about the responses you can say and the way your answer will take you. Will you get into trouble with your colleagues? Will you see you dropping and many arguments?

If you respond with a reply you actually thought through, the real discussion will be easier, and your confidence will not be affected.

6. Know the value of yourself

Before conducting these negotiations with your manager, do a google search on the average salaries in your industry. This should be according to the tasks you do. Try to ask people you know are working in the same field, about the average salary, the amount of tasks they perform, and previous experiences in raising their salaries.

Researchers at Columbia Business School have found that it is better to ask for a specific number, rather than offering options, but you have to take into account the actual salary increase is usually between 1% and 5%.

Ask for more salary

8. Practice the confrontation

Write down everything you want to say and respond to. If you feel uncomfortable talking, just practice by taping yourself on your phone to review it with a friend.

9. Thursday, the best negotiation day

Studies suggest that you are likely to get a pay rise if you order it on Thursday. At the beginning of the week, we think every moment of the long, hard days we have to endure for Friday, as well as your manager, but we become more flexible, accommodating and fun as we approach the end of the week. So Thursday is the most appropriate day to negotiate your requests.

10. Be prepared to refuse

Even if your request will be denied, that doesn’t mean the end. Try to evaluate your performance and identify your weaknesses and strengths. With clear and specific goals you can work towards for the next review. Keep working for your plan, evaluate what you’ve achieved each time and make necessary changes for the next round.

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