Instagram feature exposes False News


Instagram has announced that it will add a new feature. It will reveal whether the published content is “false”, according to independent auditors.

The new feature will be launched next month, which will show “false information” above the image or video according to the site Mashable.

The user will be able to see the published content by clicking on the “Show Image” button. But a warning will be shown by Instagram that the information in the image or video is false.

Users will be able to read the reason why Instagram categorized the information as false, by clicking the “Know why” button. The button will appear above the image or video.

Instagram will also send a warning to those who share the false post, with the words “auditors said the post contains false information,” but the user will be able to bypass the warning and share the post.

Instagram, a Facebook-owned application, began working with a separate company, providing independent auditors, to discover false publications on the app. The move is in line with Facebook’s drive to fight fake news on their site.

Instagram used a similar warning feature before, which was applied to posts with violent or bloody shots, where a content warning was placed before the image is opened.

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