Bashar al-Assad, the dictator who poses as a hero

Bashar al-Assad is trying to appear as a hero who seeks to secure the country’s unity. He is working on remaining his power, after he destroyed Syria and handed it to the Russians and Iranians on a silver platter. 

The Turkish invasion of northern Syria helped Bashar al-Assad to gain in the control of the northern Euphrates region. 

It’s in Erdogan’s benefit that the Kurds, who were not even granted a seat in the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva, are subjected to the adoption of a constitution. The constitution or amends to it, will enseure the “transfer” of power from Bashar al-Assad the dictator to Bashar al-Assad the protector of the country.

Referring to the YPG, Bashar al-Assad said that “the Kurds have always been in good relations with the state and put forward useful ideas. Assad said the goal was to “return to the status quo ante bellum.”

The dictators’ speeches are full of threaths

In an interview with “Syrian News Channel on Thursday, Bashar al-Assad has threatened Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with war. He pointed out that the Turks are agents of the Americans, and if they do not get out of Syrian territory “by all means” there will be no choice but war. Assad said that the Russian-Turkish agreement on northern Syria is temporary. It contributes to restrain the Turkish ambition to occupy more of his territory, and it also blocks the road for Americans to return. 

 “The political forces in Turkey are mostly against Erdogan’s policies. We have to be careful not to turn Turkey into an enemy,” Assad said. “Here comes the role of friends, the Russian and the Iranian.”

Assad understands that he is unable to do what his father Hafez Assad couldn’t achieve either. Nonetheless, he wants to be seen as a hero whose efforts can unite Syrians while protecting the country from invasions. Doing this while eliminating terrorists is in line with the final chapter of the war as written by the Russian and Turkish presidents.

Putin and Erdogan achieved their goals

Through Russian control of the Syrian coast, Putin managed to reserve a place where natural gas can be extracted. This happened at the right time as the pressure of Russian gas supplies to Europe has become more demanding. Through the presence of the Russian military base in Tartus, expanded and equipped with the latest Russian weapons, Putin ensured that Russia’s huge war bill in Syria is paid off. Additionally Russia will keep its foothold in the region. 

Erdogan realized that Putin wants to end the war in Syria as soon as possible and at any cost. But he knows that the return of refugees will not take place promptly. This means that Erdogan gets to keep the refugee card, allowing him to blackmail Europe and protect his policies from criticism. It will also be useful to enable realization of Erdogan’s vision for Turkey when the Treaty of Lausanne expires in 2023. 

Through his invasion conveyed as military Operation Peace Spring Erdogan succeeded in crushing anti-Turkish Kurdish factions in northern Syria. He was able to reach the goals of his hidden agenda while it seemed as  if he was creating a safe area for Syrian refugees. 

Erdogan Putin
Russian President Putin shakes hands with Turkish President Erdogan during their meeting in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia [Sergei Chirikov/Pool via Reuters]

Bashar al Assad: Trump is the best American president

Assad considered Trump the best American president “because he is the most transparent. He says: We want oil, and that’s the truth of American policy.” It appeared to be a mockery of US President Donald Trump.

The US president abandoned his Kurdish allies, and the withdrawal of US troops from the northern Euphrates, which allowed Erdogan to invade Syria. The American president has been subjected to a broad campaign of criticism both inside and outside the United States. Trump then announced that US forces would remain to protect Syrian oil fields in the north. The management will be handed over to US companies. 

The killing of ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 

When asked about al Baghdadi’s death, Assad questioned why Baghdadi’s body was not exposed after the US operation, describing the president’s words as lying without evidence, and that it corresponds to the scenario of Osama bin Laden’s death.

 “This is the same scenario as bin Laden, who is part of the American tricks, and we should not believe everything they say unless they bring evidence.”

Bashar al-Assad
US President Donald Trump on Sunday surprised reporters at a White House conference announcing the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. “He died like a dog. He died like a coward.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State leader, who at one point ruled over some eight million people, was killed in a U.S. Special Operations raid, on Saturday, October 26th, in Syria.Photograph from Al-Furqan Media / Reuters

 The last chapter of the play “Idlib”

The return of Assad’s forces to the north of the Euphrates has made him more confident as a dictator. Especially with the start of Russian-Turkish guard patrols and the establishment of Erdogan’s safe area for refugees. In reality Assad was no better than Baghdadi, who forced civilians to choose between joining ISIS or getting killed. When Asked about the situation in Idlib, Assad said: “

If the forces in Idlib do not go to Turkey, they have two options: either return to the state or war.”

Bashar al-Assad

Assad fighting factions and civilians in Idlib

The dictator’s confidence in his victory shows. A dialogue is far from the minds of dictators. Assad said a date for the Idlib operation was agreed on by Russia and Iran. The operation has been postponed several times for military and political reasons.

Bashar al-Assad and his allies have finished their preparations for a massacre in Idlib. It may well become a disgrace in the history of humanity. Assad insists that the Russians and the Iranians are fighting a political and military battle and that him keeping the power is the only victory for Syrian citizens.

Conspiracy theories have been echoed by Assad supporters since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. According to them all of this was only a conspiracy against the Syrian people. The only conspiracy is  the one of the dictators (Putin, Erdogan, Assad, Khamenei). Together they are working on legitimizing Assad, for example with the Syrian constitutional committee. Together they managed to almost bring back the status quo, but this time with Assad as” the hero”. 

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