Instagram and Facebook fight a war against “sexually suggestive” content

Instagram and Facebook fight a war against "sexually suggestive" content

Instagram and Facebook are fighting a new war on “sexually suggestive” content, and have chosen to start their campaign with “emojis”, according to Fox News.

In July, the two social sites updated the “criteria”, which should be considered with regard to the “sexual expression” permitted to be used.

Facebook and Instagram have acknowledged that emoticons like “eggplant or peach” can be considered “sexually suggestive,” Fox News said.

Repeated use of this type of emoji could tag or block a user’s account.

The criteria for use, published on Facebook, prohibit the use of “suggestive elements” related to nudity, sex and conversations.

“Any content with glyphs, pictures or sexual conversations will be removed,” Instagram told The New York Post. “We’re not just fighting the emoji.”

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