Instagram pilot of hiding “likes” expanded to the US


Instagram President Adam Moseri announced that the pilot of hiding “likes” on Instagram to share photos and videos will also be applied in the United States.

“We have tested to make likes on Instagram private in a number of countries this year,” Moseri said in a tweet. “We are working to expand these tests to include a small part of users in the United States next week.”

Facebook confirmed in September that it was working to hide the number of “likes” received by the publications.

Similar measures would prompt people, to simply focus on the content in the publications. Not on the number of “likes” a publication has received. Which is essential for users.

Facebook’s Instagram service began in May in Canada and then in July in Australia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Brazil and New Zealand. With the aim of reducing pressure on users after criticizing the application for its negative impact on mental health.

Twitter also tested hiding the number of times tweets were republished, according to product developer Kevon Pickpur.

A 2018 Pew Research Center study in the United States showed, that 72% of teenagers in the country use Instagram. About 40% felt they were compelled to share content that only collected a lot of “likes” or comments.

Instagram has recently taken more measures to create a safer space by indicating they will add a feature exposing “false news”.

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