How many illegal immigrants are in Europe?

TOPSHOT – A Libyan coast guardsman stands on a boat during the rescue of 147 illegal immigrants attempting to reach Europe off the coastal town of Zawiyah, 45 kilometres west of the capital Tripoli, on June 27, 2017.
More than 8,000 migrants have been rescued in waters off Libya during the past 48 hours in difficult weather conditions, Italy’s coastguard said on June 27, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Taha JAWASHI (Photo credit should read TAHA JAWASHI/AFP/Getty Images)

A comprehensive survey for the first time in a decade has determined the number of illegal immigrants in Europe. The number of illegal immigrants ranged from 3.9 million to 4.8 million in 2017, according to the Guardian newspaper.

Migrants stuck at sea aboard rescue ship Ocean Viking for 11 days
Photo: Anthony Jean

The survey was conducted by the Pew Research Foundation, based on data from 32 EU countries and international organizations. Noting that more than half of them live in Germany and Britain. Germany has between one million and one million and 200,000 immigrants, double the number in 2014. While the figure in Britain is between 800,000 and about 1.2 million. The figure is higher than the previous estimate of 3.7 million illegal immigrants in 2014.

The rescued group comprises people from Bangladesh, Cameroon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Sudan [Stefan Dold/MSF]

The study said that the majority of these young males came from about a third of them from Asia and the Pacific, including Afghanistan and Pakistan, and about 21 percent came from the Middle East and North Africa, and 17 percent from sub-Saharan countries. It identified irregular migrants as non-EU nationals, living without a residence permit, or had their visas expired and did not leave the EU when asked to do so.

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