Kim Kardashian reacts to Dutch racism post calling to: “Ban Black Pete”

A response from Kim Kardashian was much more than the Rotterdam local Ramone Bendt expected when sharing her opinion (18). Reality star Kim Kardashian responded to Ramone’s message to ban Black Pete. The campaign, which she set up together with a group of others, is now going viral.

It started on Sunday, when 18-year-old Ramone Bendt from Rotterdam decided to share with her friends how she thinks about Black Pete. “I have never spoken before: this is the first time that I have shared my opinion,” the Rotterdam representative said. A day later she woke up and more than 800 people had shared her message.

Kim Kardashian shares her opinion on the “Black Pete” character

Peaceful Protests to free Black Pete

Her “Black Pete-discussion summary” received a lot of positive and negative reactions. What started as a “peaceful protest” grew into massive hate reports. “People responded that I have to go back to my own country, leave the tradition alone and that I want to put all Dutch people together. But I’m Dutch myself, “she says resolutely.”

According to her, these reactions are precisely the problem. “The Black Pete discussion is used for racist and offensive remarks. I have very thick skin: it doesn’t touch me.”

Celebrities want Black Pete out

In addition to sharing on her own Facebook, she also threw her message into a Ladies Talk Facebook group. “There are about 30,000 women in here and we also often talk about the Zwarte Pieten discussion. One of the ladies responded to my message and said, girls, we have to send messages to artists.”

No sooner said than done. A message was made and an English-language article about ‘Zwarte Piet’ was added. “Everyone is spamming international celebrities. In total, we sent the message to around two hundred people, “says Ramone. It only really exploded when American rapper Waka Flocka shared the message on his Instagram page with 3.2 million followers. He wrote that he cannot believe that this is happening in the Netherlands.

Whether the medical student is afraid that this action, which is still going viral, will affect her future? “No. Of course I have thought about what effect it will have on my career. I have asked myself who I want to be as a doctor. That is myself. My opinion will never have the effect on how I treat people. In addition, I do not offend anyone and keep my responses tidy. I take my position seriously: I just want to explain what this does to me.”

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