Ex Facebook employees make a new family app

Cocoon is the name of the new social network for families. You can become a member with your family members to stay in touch with each other which makes it similar to a WhatsApp group.

Cocoon was founded by former Facebook employees. Zuckerberg is still struggling to make Facebook more attractive to friends and family. The former employees are trying to jump into this gap with this new social app.

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With Cocoon You can create a so-called cocoon that a maximum of twelve people can join. Initially, the focus is on family, but you could also use the app for groups of friends. You can chat and, for example, automatically indicate where you are. Founder Sachin Monga calls Cocoon “your house on your phone”.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Cocoon app

“We haven’t shared a physical house for 17 years, but we’re still a family. We thought that it needed advanced software. ”

Cocoon is currently only available for iPhones.

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