Cyber Monday beats Black Friday


The last Friday of November is a walhalla for shoppers, because stores offer their products at crazy discounted prices in what it calls the Black Friday. This has been the case for decades and filled with hundreds of customers who Just waiting for the doors to open. But the shopping mania seems to be extended each year. The Monday after Black Friday, you can shop without leaving the house, as it’s known as “Cyber Monday”.

Cyber ​​Monday
“Cyber ​​Monday”

Although Black Friday increased in popularity and became a global phenomenon, in the past few years sales of “Cyber Monday” has exceeded the Black Friday sales.

Cyber-Monday, shopping during business hours?

Online shopping has increased rapidly the past few years, especially with all the developments in e-commerce. Originally the day was associated with shopping during business hours without having to leave the office, because let’s be realistic, who wouldn’t like to get their Christmas shopping done at work.

Allen Davis, vice president of research and initiatives at the National Retail Federation, proposed this day in 2005 after recording increased e-purchasing rates just after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Perhaps it’s the freedom of the shopper to buy and compare away from the hustle and inconvenience of children at home is what makes it more attractive than Black Friday.

Retailers also noted a 77% increase in sales compared to the rest of the year, surpassing the black Friday.

The day was dubbed “Cyber Monday” for its online shopping competence, although Davies suggested it be called black Monday.

Sales numbers

A-Monday has become the biggest day in the history of e-commerce
Cyber Monday has become the biggest day in the history of e-commerce

It is noteworthy that the large sales ratios in the early years of the launch of this day encouraged online retailers to offer higher discounts than on Black Friday. Cyber Monday grew faster than Black Friday. Sales went from $ 2 billion in 2014, to an estimated $ 6.59 billion sales in 2017. In 2018 the numbers reached 7.9 billion, making it the greatest day in US e-commerce history, according to Forbes magazine.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are now as popular in Europe as in the states. Japan and China are also taking part in this online shopping tradition. Offers in Asia and Europe are often lower priced than American Cyber Monday offers.

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