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As a society we became more connected digitally.  Simply being online as a brand/business is not enough. Building an authentic connection between businesses/brands and their audience is essential to build and grow an engaged online community. This starts with good content and social media management.

Our mission

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs by offering a range of services from copywriting to workshops and webinars on how to become a better writer. We also offer social media- strategy and management to enable development and growth of online communities.

Who we are

Kim Vrij

Social Media Expert / Copywriter

Hi there! I am Kim from Amsterdam. A social media expert specialised in social media engagement.

Together we can find the right tone of voice to reach and engage the audience you have in mind. I will support you to turn your customers into an online community. 

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Yasser Alahwal

Journalist / Copywriter

Hello I am Yasser. Originally I am from Damascus, Syria. I am a copywriter with background in journalism. I write creative texts, articles and blogs, ‘about me’ pages. I help entrepreneurs to become visible through SEO content.

I am also an experienced translator (NL-AR EN-AR and vice versa) and I have experience in writing web texts for the stock market.

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At Dam Writers we connect through text. Are you looking for texts for your website or social media channels? Or would you like to learn how to write these yourself then we would like to work with you. Our team consists of experienced content writers who are passionate about finding the right audience, the right tone and the right platform where you can create a stronger connection with your target audience.

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