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Do you want to get noticed?

As a business, it can be hard to stand out in today’s world of ever-expanding competition. It is for this reason that many companies turn to Dam Writers: we’re experts at creating unique and effective content. From website copywriting services all the way through social media management (and strategy), our team has what your company needs.

Do you want to be found and approached by potential customers but don’t know how to get started? Let us help you find your voice! With our expertise in Social media strategy, branding, and digital content & SEO services we can create a memorable message that resonates with your audience. Your company deserves more than just another faceless website – it deserves the attention and care we provide at Dam Writers!

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Our world transformed into a digital one, and your customers are more active on social media than ever before. To truly connect with your potential customer social media management needs to be incorporated into your strategy.


We’ll help you make your website stand out in the sea of competitors. We can write you engaging copy representing your brand voice clearly. Need a boost from head to toe? We can create content that will help get all eyes on your website.


Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help your business grow. We will develop a digital marketing strategy tailored for you, so that it’s both effective and efficient in reaching its goals.

Traditional marketing typically talks to people from an authoritative distance, while digital content marketing speaks more like your friend would and invites them in for conversation.

Dam Writers

Copywriter & Social Media Expert

Hi there! I am Kim from Amsterdam. I am a social media expert specialising in social media engagement. I have a background as a Community Manager and Customer Service professional.

As a copywriter, I’m drawn to the challenge of crafting compelling content for startups and small businesses. Our company specializes in helping clients get found by their ideal customers through social media content and dominate SEO rankings—with clear results that speak for themselves!

Do you want to improve your business? Revitalize it with new strategies and ideas to implement in your social media marketing. I offer copywriting services, including content strategy for your website or blog; developing new concepts of posts based on data. I advise you in what type of messages resonate best with customers; creating effective ads online (IG/Facebook ads) using different targeting methods depending on the goal we set out beforehand – demographics, interests, etc., coming up with innovative ways to improve conversion rates through clever marketing campaigns.

Copywriter & Social Media specialist

I am Yasser, and I’ve come from Syria. I’m a copywriter with a background in journalism. I have a passion for creative writing (texts that are both interesting and engaging). I also write blogs for e-commerce sites or organisations trying to reach their desired audience.

I excel at writing web texts for the stock market that are clear and concise to help readers make sense of complex information quickly.

As a creative writer, I have a keen attention to detail and an eye for the art of social media. I’ve helped start-up businesses with content creation, advertising, and marketing strategies—and now my work has taken on more meaning than ever as co-founder of Dam Writers!

Lastly, I am an experienced translator with a wide range of expertise DU-AR EN-AR (and vice versa). As a result, I am able to localise your message and make it more accessible in your target market.


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