8 ways to optimise your social strategy

Social media platforms enable us to share our stories with the whole world. Therefore, it has become an important marketing tool for companies of all sizes. Social media isn’t only used to network and share company updates, it plays a huge role in humanising brands, and building/restoring brand reputation by establishing connections. 

In fact, if you are not active on social platforms as an entrepreneur, you may miss out on establishing brand awareness among potential customers, partners, and other future stakeholders, as well as the opportunity to engage and connect with your audience in order to build a community. 

One of the most effective ways to build a strong brand presence and community is by continuously engaging your customers in creative ways using social media. Here’s how:

1. Recognition – The thrill of seeing your brand’s name come up in someone else’s Instagram or Facebook post is something to be cherished. Achieving “recognition” from fans, customers or influencers can take many forms, but it all boils down to a simple truth: if you’re good at what you do and make people feel appreciated, they will share the products or services they enjoy with their peers online. As a result, recognition will naturally follow suit as more followers spread word about how great your work actually is!

2. Engagement – keeping the above-mentioned audience interested by providing them with the information they want (e.g., information, entertainment, community, etc.) from your website, blog (if applicable) is not enough, you need to start conversations or discussions that your audience wants to participate in. Give them a voice and make sure they are heard.

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3. Community Management – respond quickly to comments and posts from users via the same channels. Share UGC (User Generated Content) in a fun and engaging way.  Build a relationship with your potential customer.

4. Service – helping users to solve issues through the same platform where they seek your help, providing them with useful information at the moment they need it can make someones day. (e.g., delivery delays).

5. Product Sampling and Giveaways – It shouldn’t be your main strategy, but giving away samples of your products/services in order to generate word-of-mouth advertising does work. Giveaways encourage your target audience to start following you, but mind that this could be a temporary gain. The objective is to create more awareness, a benefit is that you can use the UGC of the giveaway winners/participants. 

6 IG Live collabs – Link up and organise Instagram Live sessions about topics relevant for your business to grow your following and attract a new audience to visit your website and learn more about your products/services, as well as sharing the content with their contacts  

7. Comments – reacting on posts about topics relevant for your business and leaving comments on posts. chances are they will interact with your content too if they like it. 

8 Hashtag Research – analysing social hashtags in order to find out what people are talking about, and choosing relevant hashtags for your business. The right hashtags will increase your reach.

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