Social Media Marketing: 5 best practices for startups

Most startup owners and managers are aware of the importance of social media. Yet, many business owners are in a hurry when writing their marketing plan as they want to get out with a product or service right away. We get the excitement, yet skipping the time and effort to establish a good strategy doesn’t work out well for many.

To develop a solid online presence, which will pay off in the long term, you should start by getting the basics right for your startup. Here are 5 actions you should take when starting with social media marketing for your business.

It’s essential to set up your corporate accounts early on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (depending on the market and industry you’re in and your type of business). You want to connect with others in the same industry, but you also need to promote your company and establish your brand. Before selling your first product, you need to ensure that people know where to find you online. Be sure to link your social media accounts from your website to share content across them easily. Also, make sure that all your social media business profiles have the same username; this enables people to find you on social media platforms.

2. Develop your online marketing strategy

If you feel that you have been neglecting specific social media channels due to a lack of information, time, or inspiration, then it’s time to develop an online marketing strategy. As a startup, you can hire professionals such as marketing experts, strategists, or marketeers to help you grow your company’s online presence. Another option is to invest your time in finding out who your target audience should be and what type of content they like to engage with.

3. Interact with your target audience

It’s important to know who will use your product and who could be interested in it. Are you posting content on Instagram or Youtube? Hashtags can help you be more visible to potential customers interested in your offer, bringing us again to the importance of social media for a startup. Hashtag research should always be part of your social media marketing strategy.

4. Start a blog

A blog is an excellent way for startups to show expertise on a specific topic. People use the internet to search for food, phones, a car, fashion, or beauty products. If your startup shows its industry knowledge by blogging about it, you will present your startup as an authority in your industry. In addition, this content is valuable for social media purposes because it allows you to share this knowledge and link to your website.

5. Online presence is a great way for a startup to establish awareness and growth

If your business can prove its industry knowledge through a blog, people will start respecting the fact that you have expertise and experience. And if your online marketing strategy is well-thought-out, you will be able to reach the right audience with the right message.

Successful Startups are proactive

If you are running a startup, it’s crucial for you to take action regarding your online presence immediately. For example, if you want your target audience to learn about your company and its services, an active social media presence can achieve that.

Startups need to think ahead when it comes to social media marketing rather than waiting for events or issues to arise before taking action. If social media isn’t a priority for your startup right now, then you could soon realise that this has been the biggest mistake so far! It’s unlikely that you will be able to develop a solid online presence overnight. Still, you will soon notice improvement and growth with a proper social media strategy and investment (in either time or outsourcing).

Social media platforms can be a great asset for startups to achieve and maintain an active online presence. If you keep the steps mentioned above in mind from day one, you notice soon enough that an increasing number of people are aware of and engaging with your startup.

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