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How to write a great story in only 5 steps

Writing a creative story allows you to let your imagination run wild. You can base your story on experiences you’ve had, or even create an entirely new world for the reader to explore. A creative story doesn’t need to be based on reality, it can be completely fictional and unique, with any number of elements to make it your own.

Yes, you can write a story

It’s important when writing a creative story to give your readers something interesting and memorable – whether you’re creating fascinating characters, an intriguing plot-line, or events that are out-of-this-world; you should be able to hook them in from start to finish. Here are 5 tips to help you to write your next, or maybe even your first story:

#1. Start with a plot

Many people think that the plot of a story is secondary to the characters, but this is simply not true! Without a plot, there’s nothing interesting going on, and therefore no reason for anyone to want to keep reading your story. It’s important to have a plot so you know what happens at crucial moments in the story and so you can set up events early on to pay off later. Nothing feels more bad-writing than horrible timing or lazy writing that just doesn’t flow from one thing into another. For example if two characters are supposed to have their first kiss, then an action as simple as them standing next to each other awkwardly as they wait for it to happen isn’t going to cut it, readers want some form of suspense and excitement.

#2. Give your characters depth

A fun thing about creative writing is you can go as wild as you want, but remember that the reader still has to relate to and believe in your character(s). If their actions don’t make sense for a person of their age, personality type or from the same location., then the story won’t work no matter how creative or quirky the characters are.  Find ways to make a character come alive by getting inside their heads and figuring out what makes them tick. You might find, if you repeat this a few times you can predict how they’ll react in certain situations because they’re so true-to-life!

#3. fabricate crazy things

One great way to unleash your creativity is to just go wild with your words and see what comes out. Keep a thesaurus on hand and use it liberally! This doesn’t mean that you can put in average writing just because it’s creative though, so make sure you still have strong vocabulary, complete sentences and mind punctuation.

#4. Make it relatable

Even if your story is completely crazy, there has to be something at its core that characters can relate to. For example, even if most people wouldn’t ever want to fight dragons or fly through space, readers can still imagine wanting a better life for themselves or struggling with feelings of loneliness deep down inside, even when they’re surrounded by friends etc.. It might take a bit more thinking but there’s always a way to make a reader relate to a character or situation.

#5. Have fun!

The best thing about writing is that there are no rules and you can literally just write whatever comes to mind! When you feel creatively restricted, it’s easy to hold back from putting in the wackiest ideas, but remember that nobody else has to see this unless you want them to so just go wild and don’t hold yourself back. Have an absolute blast with your story because if it doesn’t make you smile then what’s the point?

We Hope reading this article gives you some inspiration to write a fictional story that is equally creative and interesting. When writing your next story, it’s important to remember that life experiences can be valuable in coming up with ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact Dam Writers at any time if you’re struggling for inspiration!

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