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5 tips on how to write social media copy

There is no need for a long intro because you probably have some copy to write. So instead, here are five tips to think about when writing your next piece of social copy.

  • Approach your audience personally

Think about someone sitting at home thinking about what to eat, buy, or do next. Write like they are right in front of you! Give the reader a step-by-step tour through your solution to their need. Always keep your audience in mind on Social Media content; although you might be writing for mass audiences, make sure not to be vague. It would be best to always use ‘you’ (whenever you can) in your copy for social media and blog posts.

  • Keep it short, but break up the text in paragraphs

If you stack everything on top of each other, it will feel like one long wall of words that won’t get read at all. So instead, use short sentences and break them up into bite-sized pieces. It’s not necessary to use long sentences or difficult words, plus the number of characters is limited on many platforms anyway, so use them wisely and keep some space for your emojis. 🤩 😍

  • Write as you’d speak

Keep it simple and avoid complicated language; use words that most people will understand, not just those who are eloquent. Is social media a place for fancy words? Depending on your content, yes and no. Are you targeting a mass audience? Again, keep it simple, but do you need to show your expertise to your niche audience? Then make sure you share all you know about the topic, also more detailed information.

  • Read your work out loud before publishing!

Reading your text aloud can help pick up on mistakes made during typing, such as punctuation. It’s also good practice to read what you’ve written to hear if it sounds good to the reader when reading.

  • Use your hashtags properly

Research your hashtags properly. Find out what your audience wants to see, what’s working for your competitors, what’s hot and new in your niche. When you know that, combine them with owned hashtags. Use hashtags to find your audience by asking them to use the # when posting something related to your product/services. Then, promote your hashtags consistently for people to start using them.

So there, we have five tips about how to write copy for social media; 1—being personal 2—writing in short paragraphs 3. Write as you’d speak, 4 by reading your work aloud before publishing, 5. Use your hashtags properly!

We hope this article provides you with some inspiration for creating and writing your social copy. If you need help with anything, let us know! 🙂 Contact us here.

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